Rapid Cure Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures unique resins, coatings, inks and adhesives. We specialize in formulating and supplying customized, rapid-cure chemistries and processes that save energy and space, while increasing quality and productivity. Additionally our products and processes are more environmentally friendly and user friendly than most conventional technologies.

We research, develop and integrate customized solutions for your applications and processes using state-of-the-art technologies

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    Energy curing via UV, EB, RF, X-ray and induction is a nearly instantaneous process, occurring in fractions of a second to a couple minutes.


    Because of its efficiency, speed and size, energy curing can significantly reduce total energy consumption and related costs.


    Most of our products are 100% solids or water-based and have near zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), requiring no or minimal abatement equipment or processes.


    Energy curing means reduced work-in-process, smaller production lines, just-in-time inventory, reduced reject rates and higher production throughput, resulting in greater profits.


    Energy-curable chemistries are compatible with most conventional application methods and equipment, including spray, dip, roll, spin and vacuum.


    Energy curing is ideal for heat sensitive substrates like wood and plastics, generally adding little or no heat to the product.


    Our 100% solids and water-based chemistries have no flammability/explosion concerns, are user friendly and do not off-gas after cure.