Rapid Cure Technologies

Rail Industry

Rapid Cure Technologies offers a full line of proven products and coating solutions for the rail industry. Our rail product line includes coatings for the interior liners and exteriors of boxcars, hopper cars, and tank cars. Chemistries include waterborne, acrylics, epoxies, novolacs, vinyl esters, phenolics, urethanes and alkyds.

Rapid Cure’s interior liners have outstanding flexibility and resistance to various chemicals, along with FDA & NSF compliance. If Rapid Cure doesn’t have a product that works for you, we’ll work directly with your team to develop one that does. Our R&D team has decades of experience in optimizing paints and coatings designed to work for YOUR rail application, providing you with a competitive, sustainable product and process designed to meet YOUR performance and application specifications. Our products are backed with experienced and timely technical service and some of the best warranties in the market.

For more specific information on Rapid Cure’s RAIL products, or to speak with a technical sales representative, please click on the links below.