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Application Guidelines

Rapid Cure Technologies continues to innovate for new start-up companies and fortune 500 goliaths. Rapid Cure supplies a myriad of solutions, from paints and coatings for the rail, oil, and gas industries to UV curable hard-coatings for optical plastics, sealants for hazardous electrical connections to flexible, corrosion inhibitive UV curable coatings for nearly every pipe/tube application. 

Below, you’ll find information on some of our custom products and services. When you’re in need of specific information, please contact us here and a Rapid Cure Technologies Representative will be happy to help you.


Product Name: RCT 100 Liner – Epoxy Modified Novolac Coating

RCT 100 Liner AGS 4.21.21.pdf

Product Name: RCT Direct-to-Metal Urethane (DTMU)

RCT DTMU AGS 4.21.21.pdf